Posted by: indiesfaves | June 15, 2010

Reflections of the Gulf Coast

While living in Florida for 15years, 1970-1985, I discovered the wonders of the fragile ecosystems and the bounty of life teaming on shore and off the coast of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Discovering in each shell a painted sunset and the sound of the current that helped create these small wonders. Laying on the bow of the boat with out stretched hands reaching out to the dolphins who would come and inch their way closer, if just for an instant of contact. The turtles peeping their heads up to see what was coming their way only to dive to their safety and solace.
That was 30 years ago. It could have even been yesterday. Today we will find an army of volunteers who are mobilizing along the Gulf Coast. People know that in Katrina, those who were on the scene to help were their neighbors. Now with the this oil disaster they know that they better organize and get to work. This is our governments opportunity to turn these volunteers into employees to help transition our economy to the ecological base it needs, what our country needs and ultimately what the Earth needs. Here is a great link to channel donations to the grassroots organization doing the hard work



  1. I really wish that more people and organizations would not only point out the debacle of the situation, but also that Florida has much more to offer. There still is the grandeur and beauty of Florida that will never see a drop of saltwater tainted oil.

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