Posted by: indiesfaves | February 25, 2011

Slow the death train down and adapt to another way of life

Today we finally sent the letter to EPA, NMED and various local, state and national  politicians asking them to allow public participation and the voice of the people heard on this issue.  I have posted the letter  online for all who want  to read our complaint.

What does 8M gallons of fuel look like? 15 olympic-size swimming pools side-by-side and stack upon each other spread out over a mile in length and 1/2 mile wide.

There will be a lot of money thrown down the rabbit hole because the right questions are not asked, nor answered or they’re ignored.

When do we learn from Icarus’ tale that risk taking with nature isn’t something that is limitless, we have hit the wall in our ability to sustain humanity, just like Icarus we have flown to close to the sun and the tips of our wings are about to burn.

elaine Cimino Paiting with oil Beweswax and cooperand bronze metals pigments and feathers

Artwork by Elaine Cimino 48"x72" mixed media on canvas, oil, beeswax, feathers and copper and bronze metal pigment.

Our story is important because it is though the wheels of capitalism we are running the train right toward the cliff, with endless cost benefits analysis that only takes into account that which will keep the train moving in one direction. Only in this scenario, we cannot jump on to the horse running next to the train to make a safe get away like in a Hollywood movie. The choice really is about stopping the train because letting the train run over the cliff will allow the Earth’s biosphere to collapse and we all die.

It is the risk taking people are making and subjecting Earth to change for the worse. The same risks of dumping TCE, EDB radionuclides and other major contamination which is just now migrating off the Federal Reservation of Kirkland Air Force Base in our local communities. These are my concerns that I have been writing about, this is the first one to impact subdivisions and playgrounds, hospitals, and the risks taken are threatening everything in its path.

Our health, education, environment and the right of nature to exist to benefit all life is what is sells to the  Department of Defense, the military and the National Laboratories, all for J.O.B.S. employment and the perpetuation of the  American life style as it exists. Our comforts on the backs of whomever has resources we need to drive our lifestyle. It  is what is  driving the contaminants in the air with climate change and in the groundwater. The militaristic machine  has eaten health, education, homes and the middle class, because we need to have our life style at all costs, that cost benefit analysis instead of precautionary principle which an economy can be built upon. We continue on this mad path even if it means creating the Alberta Tar Sands destroying the lungs of the Earth or the BP Oil Spill a tear in the fabric of the ocean floor, or 10-years now of endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We our bombarded from countless pollutants, issue of habitat loss, health crisis and soon the lack of water, which will cause massive die off on this planet. This is the death train that people don’t want to look at.

This is the Big Picture here. This Big Picture exists of millions of smaller stories each of us have who are reaching out, hoping someone is listening. It is these small stories of what people are doing to make the shift toward adaptation to a better way of life that works that is in sync with nature.

I am an artist, I taught k-12 and college art studio classes and continuing education teaching people to learn to see for 20 years. There is nothing better I would like to do than to make movies, tell stories, create paintings and do children’s book illustrations. I live simply and I for one cannot with good conscience do this without thinking what if I could have done something to help our children survive on this Earth. We are the last generation that can do anything aobut climate change. Economy is driving continued risking taking that streams the train along the rails.

Change is sometimes difficult and the ones we need to make to stop a suicide economy and a civilization from going extinct. It means overcoming greed and hubris, it means creating a new archetype, creating the new meaning for a cultural shift and showing people how this can be done.

Yes, we can do it because I believe the people are strong enough to make these changes. I have to think of that, I have to work for that because the alternative is too unbearable to be.

In the next few months we are embarking on a new journey . We our going to show how people can adapt to a new lifestyle and create a new economy.  It also means cleaning up the excrement in the wasteland that this economy creates.  I have include and link to Naomi Klein Risk Taking TED lecture that I hope will inspire you to check back in every now and then to see how we are going to work toward a better future, than what is on the horizon now.

 Final KAFB Jet Fuel Plume EPA Oversight Request for public participation


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