Posted by: indiesfaves | March 25, 2011

New Study Shows Children’s Playground Should Close Due to Vapors Toxins

This study recommends closure of children’s’ playground because of direct contact with soil contamination. We meet the next week with Albuquerque City Councilors to discuss the closure of Bull Head Park where 8 million gallons of jet fuel leaked into the aquifer over 40 years. Officials have not began to contemplate the presence of EDB nor will they take precautionary measures to close park.

the Precautionary approach is needed.  this is the perfect examples that the needs of the few out weighs the good of the many.

60,000 jobs in New Mexico for oil and gas industry and at Kirtland Air Force base.

Yet the other 2 million people suffer the effects of all politicos looking the other way for so long. they too have traded the future generations for the short-term life style. It is likened to Japan’s buy in of Nuclear Energy, Japan paid 10 yen and are getting 2 yen for their trouble, because of lost trade, lost tourism, costly rebuilding and permanent environmental damage that has contaminated water and food supplies due to the damaged nuclear reactor core. The reactors that are burning still after weeks of spitting at with seawater will soon meltdown.

Meltdowns like this do not go to China, reference to the movie the China Syndrome,  what happens is that the core falls into the aquifer and destroying the drinking water forever, but now before exploding similar hydrogen bomb.

All this  has the potetnial of happening here and on another level it is happening here with 8 m gallons of fuel destroying the drinking water aquifer.

But the destruction is more deceiving here  with us drinking, bathing and cooking  in the potential EDB  and other VOC’s has long-term devastating effects as well.

Elaine Cimino



  1. Hi Elaine. I believe you should contact the editors at ‘The Light of New Mexico”

    They are the same people that have been editing “Green Fire Times”
    They just began putting out The Light.

    I thiink you could write article for them on politics and the environment.


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